MONDRAGON University

MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY is a non-profit cooperative university of social vocation and public interest focused on the needs of businesses and organisations. Albeit being officially established in 1997, its academic activity started in 1960, seeking to continue the tradition of the former Sancti Spiritus University of Oñati, built in 1542.

MONDRAGON Corporation is the foremost Basque business group and the tenth largest in Spain. The group’s revenues total about 12,000 million euro, while its staff comprises 81.837 workers. The 268 companies and cooperatives in the MONDRAGON Group operate in such sectors as the
manufacturing industry, finance, and retail, carrying out initiatives in the fields of knowledge, innovation, education and the promotion of new

Partner Role in TFknownet:

MONDRAGON will be in charge of the piloting activity in Spain, and as an academic partner it will facilitate the participation of academic and research staff as well as of students in the activity. Moreover, taking advantage of the strong partnership with Mondragon Corporation industrial companies and close relationship with other Basque Country’s manufacturing companies. Mondragon University will be in charge of getting their inputs and further skills needed for the future workers. Moreover, Mondragon will lead the Dissemination activities and future establishment of the proposed activity as it holds a great expertise in the generation and establishment of business plans.

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