Public Material

Main outcome of TFknowNet Project will be to lauch Academic and Industrial Pilots.

Key milestones set for Teaching Factory project are:

Enhanced lecturing material

The envisioned lecturing material that is to be used during the activity must covers clearly defined targets. These targets are:
1. The existing lecturing material as described per involved organization curriculum – for not affecting the normal academic procedure
2. Cover the most important of the manufacturing processes – most commonly used in industry. An extended research will be performed for identifying the state-of practice
3. Be in line with widely accepted handbooks related to the subject.

Virtual class/lab infrastructure

The proposed activity will be backed up by a capable infrastructure.
1. Build in the facilities of every participating member
2. Clear definition of the supporting architecture – general layout
3. Detailed identification of existing equipment
4. Identification of possible commercially available equipment.

Demonstration Semester

To be demonstrated throughout the entire semester:
1. The demonstration activity will begin at the same time as the winter semester of the academic year. This will be communicated and ensured among the involved parties.
2. Detailed Lecture plan – lecture per week/ responsible instructor and
3. Weekly lectures/labs
4. Documentation of the progress every month

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